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“My name is Vincent Iannello the owner of Stainless Steel Creations in Sydney Heffernan Web Designs was recommended to me as I wanted to start my own business and I needed someone I could trust.

This company designed our website which has delivered calls for my business for the first time.

I receive calls daily and that is the key but more so I am saving thousands of dollars by not using conventional advertising mediums.

Call me any time for a reference if need but I would highly recommend this company to any one.”

Vincent Iannello My number is 0403 522 331


“My name is David from Atlas Pool Renovations.

Yes I have like many people have been with Heffernan for many years We started the SEO web commercial program last year and it works I just renewed for another year.

My number is 0427 775 273 if you would like to call me personally Website is www.atlaspoolrenovations.com.au

David - 0427 775 273


“We are Mark and Lisa Nash the owners of A1 Underpinning in Sydney.

And our numbers are 0414 827 426 and 0411 487 203

We have been with Heffernan web designs for years and signed up for their newly developed SEO web commercial program 12 months ago.

It works and has saved us thousands of advertising dollars that we don’t need to pay for.”

Mark and Lisa Nash


“Today I received a phone call from Jean the owner of Camelot Costumes in Brisbane and she discussed about our SEO reports. I explained to her about each page of the report and she is very happy with our work.

Jean said all her new clients say they are coming from in from our Google SEO video program.. Jean said she has not received business from any other source other than ours. She is happy with our work and said thanks for good work.

My name is Jean Thomson the owner of Camelot Costumes Phone me on 0415 260 004 for a personal reference if need”

Jean Thomson - 0415 260 004
Camelot Costumes

“Yes to renewing the SEO Program for another 12 months and yes to plenty of calls from my website."

BS Roofing, Sydney (Mobile 0418 296 346)

A few months ago Phil Heffernan called me regarding my website and so we arranged to meet up to discuss.  

It was clear that Phil has a genuine passion for what he does and his depth of knowledge and understanding on business matters left me with no doubt that this was the company I wanted to build the site.  

Within a few days I received an email outlining the whole process and indicating who did what and when.

I was very impressed with the whole process and I am thoroughly delighted with the end result.

The biggest surprise came when we saw our site ranking 1st place on page one of Google within 48 hours of going live, without any optimisation!!

Thank you Phil and Pinki and the rest of the team on a job well done.

Kind Regards
Rob Wheat

"The web commercial works well as it explains what we do and how we do it and it allows new customers to see our operation up close. When Phil suggested the idea we were not sure but it was a great decision."

Barry and Kate Muir

"We employed Phil to produce a web commercial based on what our operation was all about. It was one of the best decisions we made as it demonstrates our equipment in action and reflects the competency of our company."

Phil, Maree and Matt Gracie

"We have the best website in the business and after 3 years we are still on the top pages of Google."



Thank you so very much for such a fantastic job.  I am extremely happy with the end result .... please feel free to use us as a reference in the future.

Many Thanks
Ross Trimboli
Managing Director

Hi Pinki and Tammy,

The website looks great and I am happy with the changes I requested. Thank you both and Phil for the great customer service you have provided for us.

Rohan Noonan

"Already after some weeks we receive 8 solid new leads a week from Heffernan web design seo annual maintenance services. We now command top position on many key search terms not just in Google but all search engines."

Peter Poulsen

Hi Tammy and Heffernan web designs team!

Just wanted to thank you all for your help (and LOADS of patience) with me and my non-understanding of the whole web/terminology process!  I think the site looks great and would recommend you without any problem.

Kathryn Silkman

"Already after several weeks of my web site going live on the internet I have received numerous phone calls from potential clients accessing my web site. This shows that having my web site developed by Heffernan Webdesign Advertising is expanding my business possibilities and should increase business further in the months to come."

Steve Caddy
www.completerenovationandextensionsolutions.com.au | 0421 853 689

"I now know how important the phase 'optimised website' is. At first I did not really understand what this was all about, until you explained it all so well to me Phil. I believe what you told me about a far better creative website on the top page of 'Google' and on the left hand side of the page will be a winner. Believe it or not, I get regular good calls from new customers all the time now, who love our website allowing me to 1/2 my general advertising costs. My wife and I wish you all the best Phil and to your team of designers at Heffernan Webdesigns Advertising as well."

Michael Lewis
www.rocksolidsandstone.com.au | 0419 603 750

"Phil thanks for putting together this great site. You delivered far more than you led me to believe. I am amazed how you got the concept of our business first time round and achieved all this with absolutely no fuss. This has been the easiest marketing project I have ever been involved with in 25 years of business. I am looking forward to taking our business to the next level with your help. You are a real pro and it's been a pleasure working with you. Thanks, Vic."

Victor Behn

"Immediately after our website final changes were completed and the site was put live onto the internet we received many promising emails and calls from new customers, we believe more so than what we receive from our yellow page advert. Many new customers stated that the design and quality of the website attracted their interest in buying our billiards tables because of the creative web design standard, which is what Phil Heffernan said it should and would do. Based on this, we are happy to provide over the phone testimonials to any one who would like to call us to confirm our above statement.
Ph 02 9683 4524
Thank you for a job well done as promised to us
Many Thanks."

Peter and Dianne McKee

“We are excited about our new website video as it reflects the craftsmanshiip that is required to build a billiards table. We have already received many positiive responses let alone we can use this DVD at many exhibitions we attend.”

Peter and Dianne McKee

“Thanks for a great website and the voice commercial which did make a difference. The commercial makes our site stand out and come alive just what we needed it to do.”

Alex Todorovic

“There is no doubt that our new kitchen customers who found us on the internet loved our commercial allowing them to see touch and feel what we offer in kitchen designs. Your whole team is very professional Phil from filming down to the final editing.”

Mark and Dominique

“Great to see our website after 4 years still generating sales leads every week. We get calls from many businesses every week trying to sell us an seo program or a new website. We are staying with Heffernan Webdesigns."

Our internet customers tell me the voice commercial works well giving them professional information on what we do.

Brian Malone

“Our voice commercial explains what we do & how we do it, live on our website and has generated many new customers making the initial cost 100% worthwhile.”

Matt Dyson

"Thanks Phil for selling us a website that works. We receive solid calls daily from the site."

Brendan Fossey and Quinton Spence

"Heffernan Web designs designed our first website which is working so well. We have asked them to design a new website for DIY kitchens."

Carla and Craig Waghorn

"The slide show is great attracting more customers to our showroom and helping them with the information they need. Worth every cent."

Darren and Karen Clarke

"Everyone loves the website but best of all the calls keep coming."

Shane Piotrkowski